“Sarah and Laura are truly incredible. They helped me organize my timeline for the day of and ensured I had considered things I didn't even think of in my own planning. They worked hand in hand with all my vendors and the venue coordinators to ensure everybody was on the same page the week of my wedding and that everybody knew where they needed to be and when. The day of, they were truly incredible. They set up all of my immense amounts of decor & personal items while also managing the vendors arriving & ensuring myself & the bridal party had everything we needed. I can't tell you how many times Sarah must have refilled my water glass to make sure I stayed hydrated throughout the day, and she even steamed all the girls' dresses while we just hung out and spent time together. Everybody loved them and were thankful they were there to make everything go smoothly, and that everybody was happy. If anything went wrong, I never knew about it. They dealt with it an ensured I had nothing to worry about. If you're looking for day-of coordinators who will do everything with a smile and ensure you don't have anything to worry about, look no further then Laura Ashley Events!” - Morgan Perry


“Laura Ashley Events was a life saver!!! From our first meeting with them I knew I needed them for our wedding. They were always available when we needed something. On our wedding day there is no way everything we needed done could of gotten done without them. From making flower arrangements to even going out and getting eyelash glue for my matron of honor!!! They truly went above and beyond and made sure my vision was executed. Even my mom and husband said “wow what would you have done without them”. A wedding coordinator is truly a need and Laura Ashley Events is the vendor you need to hire! Cannot say enough great things about them.” - Carly Wichrowski


“Where do I even begin?!?! Laura Ashley Events made sure not only my bridal shower but my wedding day were complete PERFECTION! They took care of every single detail so I did not have to. Having a day of coordinator is so important. Having one who goes above and beyond regarding every detail is priceless. They were the best I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait for my friends and sisters to use them!” - Jackie Sieracki


“Laura & Sarah were lifesavers on our wedding day! They coordinated the arrival/setup of all of our vendors, decorated our venue just as we had imagined, helped the bridal party get ready and kept me calm all day! I literally wouldn't have been able to do it without them! Thank you girls!!” - Maeve Milligan


“Laura Ashley Events made our wedding dreams come true. Throughout the process, they were thorough and helpful with reminders. They asked all of the right questions without being too much. It felt like they truly wanted our day to be as special as could be. The day of... they made sure to bring all of our visions to light in a matter of hours. I will never forget the site of walking into our venue space for the first time on our wedding day. Thank you Laura Ashley Events for making our day perfect and stress free.” - Tori Fultano


“Laura and Sarah were absolutely amazing. I HIGHLY recommend them!” - Lauren Craig


“Laura Ashley Events helped make my wedding day perfect! We had a big wedding party and they kept everyone and everything organized throughout the day. It was super helpful to have them there so my family and I didn’t have to worry about anything and could just relax! My wedding would not have run so smoothly and been so perfect if it weren’t for the girls on the Laura Ashley Events team! They are really a necessity!” - Jessie Pollander


“Sarah and Laura were the best wedding planners I ever could have imagined. They kept track of all of our vendors and contracts, offered us awesome advice, and went above and beyond. They were both invaluable on the day of, we never would have been able to pull off our wedding without them. I would recommend them to anyone and am so thankful they were part of our big day” - Danielle Cipolla


“Laura Ashley Events was the best decision I made for my wedding plans. Having an event coordinator took so much stress off myself, my parents, and bridal party. My wedding day was a complete dream and there was not one detail missed. Brides invest your money into a coordinator, you will not be disappointed with Laura Ashley Events” - Mary Ellen Gazzola


“I HIGHLY recommend Laura Ashley Events for all your wedding planning needs! They were extremely helpful with every detail of planning our wedding - and there were A LOT of details! They helped with planning a budget that fit our financial needs.” - Diana Kisielewski


“Every single detail accounted for! Laura went above and beyond with helping me plan a perfect day. Nothing was missed, and everything ran ahead of schedule. There is nothing like having a completely stress free day to really enjoy what you’re wedding is all about. Leave the details to them, you will be so happy you did!” - Gabby Ciemniecki


Laura & Sarah were absolutely the best day of coordinators we could have asked for and more. Kind, patient, super organized, & most importantly coolheaded! They made sure our families were taken care of & where they were supposed to be; my boxes of decorations were magically up & exactly as I envisioned; all my vendors checked in with them and I didn’t even know they had arrived; if anything went wrong, I had no idea; and they kept to our very ambitious timeline. They also kept my head on straight & realistic in the monstrous weeks that precede a wedding. Throw in the chaos of a wedding with three outfit changes (so six breaks), a tornado warning, two cultural ceremonies and 1 traditional ceremony, a power outage, a bunch of shuttles, three room changes, feeding us, and completing our shot list with temperamental weather.... we could not have done it without them. We are so grateful. They say things will always go wrong with your wedding, and they sure did (hello, downpour and blackout), but Laura & Sarah navigated us and our bridal party so expertly that we didn’t notice. Thank you thank you thank you! I’m referring you to all our friends. - Michele L


Laura Ashley Events was wonderful to work from beginning to end! Leading up to the big day, I had a phone call with Sarah and Laura to go over all of the wedding details, from the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner (which they both attended) through the ceremony and reception. Following the initial call, Sarah and Laura created a detailed timeline/schedule of events, which was a huge lift off my shoulders. Through the several phone calls I had with them, I knew I could trust them to keep the wedding weekend running smoothly. On the wedding day, they were handling all of the little tasks you wouldn’t want to worry about doing yourself, such as setting/cleaning up breakfast for the bridal party and stocking the bus with all of our snacks, drinks, etc. They also followed our photographer around during pictures to lend a hand any way they could - helping to fix my hair and holding my veil for me. At the end of the night, they took care of gathering our decor from the venue and placing them into the cars that we had designated ahead of time. It was so nice going straight to our after-party and not having to worry about any of it. Would highly recommend hiring Laura Ashley Events for your wedding! My whole family even said they were able to enjoy the day more themselves knowing Sarah and Laura had everything under control. - Hannah R


There's no way you can have your wedding WITHOUT Laura and Sarah. I cannot stress enough what fun but VERY long day your wedding day is. Anything you can do for yourself to delegate or have help will make your day so much more enjoyable and these girls are the way to go. The day of my wedding Sarah was handling things I didn't even know were happening. She made sure all my church musicians got their tip envelopes. She carrying my dress everywhere as I walked. She held my bouquet when my arm got tired! She had all my bridesmaids in running order for hair and make up. So we didn't get behind. She baby sat my dad while he waited for our first look lol I DIY'ed my own seating chart (mistake) about 5 couples were missing from the sign and Sarah literally went through our lists by hand to figure out there table number and get them there without incident. AND without getting me involved. After our entrances I was so hot Sarah dabbed my head herself with tissues to keep me looking fab and not a sweating mess. They are the most amazing, sweet, calm, professionals I have ever worked with. We plan to gift them as a shower present to our newest engaged friend! Thank you LAE! - Kayla H


Laura and Sarah were amazing. They answered my countless questions along the way, and were always professional, yet warm. I can't say enough good things about them. They worked so well with me, my husband, and all of the other vendors involved. Only talking to friends weeks after the wedding did I find out all of the extra ways that they went above and beyond on my wedding day. They didn't hesitate to jump in and help manage a ton of small snags that could have become big issues if Sarah and Laura hadn't been there to quickly handle them behind the scenes. Not only did they handle all of these stressors seamlessly, they did so without me, the groom, or our parents even having the slightest idea that there was ever a possible glitch. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone having an event! - Jill P


I LOVED working with Laura Ashley events! I went with the “week of” package and I worked with Laura leading up to the wedding, and then Laura and Sarah managed everything onsite. Laura was super organized and really helped me keep everything straight with her timeline and to-do lists leading up to the big day. She also gave really great advice and ideas which made me feel like we had everything covered during the planning process. The day of, I didn’t need to worry about a thing - which is exactly what I wanted! I would definitely recommend Laura Ashley Events - these girls are the best! - Margaret W


Laura and Sarah are amazing. I had no idea what to expect but knew I didn’t want to be responsible for anything other than enjoying the day when it came. Sometimes I slacked on getting them details and had a few concerns that I wasn’t as prescriptive as I should have been and maybe things wouldn’t go as planned, BUT they literally took care of every detail and made recommendations where needed so I didn’t have to worry - in both the planning and day of. They’re sweet and kind - everyone complimented them and told me they were so easy to work with. It’s a huge plus that they’re as budget friendly as they are - we couldn’t have been happier!!! - Ashley C